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Together, we want to see the world.  Everything.  We’ve made some effort at this but it is a   goal that can only be attained through some miracle of science that would allow us to live forever.  So, there you have it.  Not going to happen.  We don’t have the resources, meaning money, to do all we want to do.  Unfortunately we have to see much of the world virtually.  Anthony Bordain is something of a virtual role model for us.  Now he’s going to CNN.  Will it ever be the same?  We watch the fly-over shows on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  Too many ghosts on some of the channels that should be filling our addiction to travel.

Been to China, Hong Kong, Europe, all over the US and have taken in a lot of Canada.  Soon to be there again, Vancouver, the Penders, Okanagon region and a great deal between our home in North Carolina and the border.  We hope to post pages about our earlier trips but focus on what we are doing in the present.


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