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So as D-Hour approaches (Departure Hour) I wish we could be a little more excited. We wake up this morning, and while Nana is showering I hear a sound I don’t usually hear, or at least from Nana. I usually make these sort of burbling sounds but I knew is wasn’t me! I explore the house looking for the source. Well, I found it. In the downstairs shower there was about 2 inches of what apparently had just been either flushed by Nana or washed off of her in the shower. Wow, she must have been really dirty because it was, ummm, not clear! I little translucent and a bit discolored. So our sewer line was backed up. Probably the big weeping cherry tree out front which had no qualms about drinking this…stuff! But Roto-Rooter is on the way! Wait! There they are, like gods arriving to rescue us from our hour of despair. Maybe, that deer the other day wasn’t so much a good omen but just a sign of the color our shower water was going to look like. So much for a spiritual quest. I don’t think I’m going to provide a picture for this one!


Posted June 13, 2012 by papaandnana in Roadtrip

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