Lights in the Mirror!   2 comments

Sewer drain clear and we can hit the road. Meeting new friends with flashing lights, “registration please”.

Nana:  Well the journey begins as well as the memories.  It didn’t take long to have our first memorable moment, very reminiscent of times past.  The scenery around Morganton was very familiar as well as the red and blue flashing lights in the rear view mirror!!   Yep, you got it or rather Robert got it, his first ticket of the trip.  He is trying to break his past record of two in one trip.  We’ll keep you posted.   We also will be checking out all the rest stops between here and Vancouver.  Doctor said I will have to carry all six stones and my urinary track infection with me.  So I’ll be drinking alot ( unfortunately not alcohol) for the next four days until meds are gone.  But I’ll be sipping wine on the deck on Pender Island in no time.  Really the trip has been pretty dull so far besides that.  We did decide to bring our bikes up to our room tonite, not the best quality inn.   Robert will be riding his bike for the rest of the trip.  Love to all and don’t miss ya yet, but blood pressure sure is down!


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  1. Wow…….this could be a long trip! I hope you have a great time, even without the alcohol! Stay safe, and by that I mean drive slow(er). Patty

  2. Sounds exciting to me! You have 6 days to pass those suckers!!! Counting down.

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