Wiped Out   1 comment

We are wiped out after a long and wonderful day.  It going on midnight so I’ll keep it short this time and try to catch up tomorrow.  We made it to Louisville and had a wonderful picnic lunch on the river.  A great park with water fountains and jets for the kids.

Fountain and jets on the Louisville’s Ohio River park.

A beautiful view of the river.  And we found a place that make incredible pies.  We seem to have a knack for that!  Then off to St. Louis, hmmm lots of Louis’s today, and the Jefferson Expansion Memorial and of course the arch monument.  Awesome!   The ride up is creepy and the view down with nothing directly underneath you is an incredible feeling.  See the Road Trip 2012 Part I link for more pictures.  There is so much more to talk about but must, sleep, now!!  There is a special treat coming in regards to what happened after visiting the arch.  Tomorrow!

The Gateway Arch in St. Louis


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  1. Did u go up in the arch? Ken, who loves that stuff said it even scared him! Kev was so sweet and stayed down with mama!!! Take care of those kidney stones that u neglected to tell me about sis! I have a little secret of my own that I will send u in a layer pic so I can’t fuss too much! I love y’all Jer

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