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We didn’t ask Jan her age.  But it must be close to triple digits.  Her memories were as deep as the mountains near Bozeman were high.  She always lived along one of the rushing, chilling rivers in the region such as the Yellowstone River.  Her parents and their parents were pioneers stretching back to the time the land opened up from the natives who competed for the land and had at least one Pyrrhic  victory, the Battle of Little Bighorn where Custer, rightly or wrongly became a legend.  She remembers the ordering from a Wards or Sears and Roebuck catalog.  And this was to order the necessities.  She may not be able to watch her rivers roll towards the Gulf of Mexico much longer, we all have an expiration date, but today she is there to share the memories of her life, good times and hard times.

Jan T., at the Living History section of the Museum of the Rockies.


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