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The Museum of the Rockies is an incredible collection of the old and the unfathomably old.  The famous paleontologist Jack Horner is based here.  He has been involved with many documentaries, television shows and movies.  This includes consulting on Jurassic Park.  He is probably the most renowned expert on dinosaurs on the planet.  The museum doesn’t try to wow you with fully constructed models of the Tyrannosaurus and other behemoths, though there are certainly some impressive presentations that convey the size of the animals of that time.  The museum focuses somewhat more on the science of what has been discovered.  Details about their anatomy and behaviors that were only conjecture not too many years ago.  The museum also presents relics and items from a lot more recent times, Native Americans and early settlers.  The Living History section of the museum does a great job of presenting what life was like on the vast open spaces of  Montana.  Nana had a chance to try out her skills at weaving.  I don’t think she’ll be making any tablecloths any time soon.  But all-in-all a worthwhile stop across the top of America.

Nana creating a tapestry on an old loom to be hung above the fireplace at the White House. Not.

Triceratops meets his match!


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