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Daryn, searching to rescue his soul.

Daryn, alone in the wilderness, destitute in spirit and soul.  Lost amongst soaring fir and spruce.  What fate awaits him this day?  Starvation? Slowly freezing to die a solitary death in the icy waste land below soaring Mt. Baker.  Survival uncertain, he staggers onward.  But lo, on the horizon, rescue!  His family has traveled over 3000 miles to find him.  Given up everything to bring him to safety.  They slowly move closer together and in a moment of poignant reunion, break into cheers, giggles, joyful exaltation!

Reunion at last. Who knew he could survive 30 days in the wilderness eating nothing but his underwear and pine cones.

In their joy, they break into playful song and dance.  They soon begin a snowball fight in the freezing lofty heights.  They ARE somewhat surprised at his condition after such an ordeal.

Little Nora gives a snow-splash to Nana. This is an important religious ritual in the far northwest among the natives that once roamed here signifying love and celebration.

The family, having only donkeys for transportation, fine, sturdy animals traversed snow mounds and glacial streams, themselves struggling to return to civilization.  At one particularly dangerous crossing they thought their way was fully blocked but all made it safely jumping from boulder to rock and boulder again until safely beyond danger.

Dangerous traverse for Papa, Nana, Daryn, Robin and tough little Nora.

After many days, with swollen feet and empty stomachs the family finally made the coastline.  Pressing northward along rocky shores, jutting high along the coast, around gently curving bays and fording rivers and streams flowing out to the sea, the family arrived at a seaport.  There they boarded their tiny sailboat and set forth, gerning the jib and flousting the foremast, across the stormy passage to their destination, Pender Island.  There the natives are thought to be kind, gentle and often appear to find certain herbs useful in improving their mood.  A place of peace and respite for the tired and struggling family.

Land ho! Pender Island comes into view after the family’s journey across the Strait of Georgia. After weathering stormy seas, great white whales, killer squid and packs of gangster Triggerfish, very aptly named, landfall!

Arrived in their Canadian paradise they were warmly greeted by traveling troubadours. A festival of food and crafts was presented for our benefit.

The Stella Sol troubadours celebrate our arrival along with the natives of Pender Island who brought forth their crafts and food for the family to enjoy.

Little Nora makes an offering to the Stella Sol troubadours.

Accepted by the natives, the family, famished from their epic journey, begin to enjoy life again purchasing the bounty of the deep blue sea to consume in their humble abode.  For additional documentation and images of their journey please see the Roadtrip 2012 Part II page.


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  1. I look forward to reading your blog each day. I’m glad you all are having a great time. ENJOY!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Keep on bloggin!!

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