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Not so long ago I had great respect for Canada.  You could go to their largest cities and feel perfectly safe. Children could roam free and your pets rarely got run over by distracted drivers as no one even drove up to the speed limit.  Terrible things just didn’t happen in our neighbor to the north.  Canada, then part of the British Empire, fought to remain so, resisting efforts by Americans to annex this region in a war fought in 18-something or other.  Americans in the north of our country wanted to have someplace they could say was colder than they were and where they could get top quality hockey players.  Now I can understand these peoples’ reluctance to become part of the US since every other new state might have to have slaves.  They already had a lake that was a slave, Slave Lake, but this would have been going too far.  They also didn’t want to have the Northeasterner reputation of being kinda nasty to other people with mean spirited carriage drivers that spoke a language they couldn’t really understand.  They wanted to stay, well, nice!

Oh, yes, they did get involved in some of those pesky wars, like World War II, but generally try to avoid such events t hat involve shooting at things except deer or moose, that don’t shoot back, this found to be far more preferable and only occasionally risky.  There is the rare large animal, such as the aforementioned moose, that becomes rather threatening when amorous, either trying to get to a female moose or if none is available the closest available larger creature, even if on two feet.  Katy bar the door!  Not a pretty picture.

But things have taken an ugly turn in the country whose motto is the “land of not much nighttime in the summer, but, eh! who needs sleep anyway?”, but which has an alternate motto, “land of not much daytime in the winter, but eh! who needs light to sit in the pub and drink beer”.  Whilst traveling about, in an area known for its wilderness, a provincial park, where the animals are suppose to be safe and can even expect food from strangers in automobiles, kinda like asking for tips for just showing up, the following poster was seen:

Threatened baby bears, is this the solution?

I hope you will now join the ranks of those that are “Bear Aware”.  I hope you find this as disturbing as I do, that you have the humanity to stand up for what is right and fight this scourge!  Who is it that is attacking a momma bear and her beloved baby such that they need pepper spray to protect themselves!  It is an outrage!  Even this effort seems rather short sighted, it is only a temporary solution and does not solve the basic problem, though I’m not sure what that is.  But perhaps this is what we must do until a better solution is found.  I am curious, however,  how do the bears actually use the pepper spray given their lack of opposable thumbs?  But if this is what they need for now I think we should all pitch in to try and save the bears.  You can do so by sending your checks and money orders to Pepper for Bear Juveniles (PB and J), Post Office Box 12345, Yogi, British Columbia, Really Cold Country to the North.  Don’t wait until it is too late!


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