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Kelowna, be careful.  You are dangerously close to becoming something you don’t want to become.  I am sure there are some, just like anywhere that would want the change and the profit that comes with it.  I love profit and money is great but I don’t really see much point in living in a world that does not have a Kelowna here and there.  The beauty is spectacular.  The wineries and vineyards are great, though some a little pretentious, the food offerings are outstanding, the recreational opportunities are fantastic.  Please don’t blow it.

I have already mentioned a couple of people and places that are special there, such as Andrea, Sammy and her friend, the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm, the Myra Canyon Trestles and the Myra Canyon Ranch.  But there are many more wonderful places there and things to do or if you choose, not do anything at all.

If you stay there please stay at the Myra Canyon Ranch.  Peaceful, away from downtown but worth the drive.  Close to the wilderness with the occasional bear passing through, horseback riding, and a great breakfast.

Yes, I have already shown this. Too bad. Myra Canyon Ranch is worth going to for the homemade bread. And the hot tub with the view of the world. And, well, lots of other stuff too!

Be sure to eat at RauDZ.  Award winning and for a good reason.  Be sure to see Jerry in the bar.  Nicest bartender you will ever meet.  Mixes and matches quite well.  The food is stunning for the palate and visually.  If you can afford to get to Kelowna you can probably afford the food.

Best bartender. Jerry at RauDZ

Sweet tooth?  Well go to the source.  Get your honey some honey from Arlo’s Honey Farm.  They’re “super” if you know what I mean.  Since it is right down the road from the lavender farm and all of the other fruit and field offering you can get quite a choice in honey.  Bees on the premises so take you anti-venom if you need it!

Worker housing at Arlo’s Honey Farm.


Underpaid workers at Arlo’s.


There is much more of course.  Haven’t really talked about the wine very much.  A matter of taste but I think there are some very good wines but not as good as the prices on some of them would suggest.  Matter of taste, literally and figuratively.  But we did have fun!





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