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I know those of you at home in North Carolina and other places in the East of the US are suffering in the heat.  I have had a spirit walk here in Canada, collected the prayers and tidings of many.  I have absorbed their spirit and the spirits of the forest, sky and water and have absorbed the essence of the earthly elements.  Ales, IPAs, reds and whites, essence of the gin with the miracle tonic waters.  Nana as well.  She can actually absorb more than I.  But don’t tell her I said that.  And so I bear good tidings.  I bring you air that flows through the wilderness, over the calm waters.  I know some of you think that I only can bring hot air, based on your experience with me, but you so misunderstand the potential here.   I will try to send this ahead of our return, but be sure, it will come.  For I say so, therefore it shall be.  Await with patience for relief I send and bring to you.  Peace!


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  1. The cool air is here and not a moment too soon! Janie

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