Feeling the Heat! Will our money melt?   1 comment

We have not had a very good internet connection so I haven’t been able to post much. Tomorrow is a sad day. We will be home as the sun sets. Speaking of sun, that reminds me that it is much hotter in the US, though better at home since I lovingly sent Canadian air to our corner of the Southeast along with some rain…hope it isn’t too much.
But I am about the heat! We still have some Canadian cash that we will have to exchange somewhere after we get home. We have lots of coins, including pennies which Canada isn’t even going to make any more. A good idea I think. But we have other coins as well. $1 and $2 coins in particular. Often given in change this really puts a load in your shorts. I mean in the pocket of your shorts! The bulges can be somewhat embarrassing or a point of pride depending on your point of view
But I am not too worried about the coins. It’s the bill that are a concern to me. Reports out of Canada indicate that some peoples’ paper money is melting when in higher heat conditions. That may not be a problem in the chilly northlands of our furry friends above the border but I am now in the south! So now we are putting our bills in the cooler…I know, cold cash! While not a large amount of money we need every bit we can get at this point. So we are doing our best to protect it until we get it somewhere safe. Thank God when we can get this back into REAL money, green and familiar. Of course, considering to what could happen to the value of our dollar over the next four years I might be better off taking may chances with the heat.


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One response to “Feeling the Heat! Will our money melt?

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  1. I have enjoyed your journey! Thanks for taking me “along.”
    Beth (:

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