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We have now left our furry friends to the north and have driven along the north shore of Lake Superior, a very apt name.  I will talk about that in another post but things have moved faster than my ability to post lately so I will have to work backwards sometimes.  Like this time.

A couple of months ago, Nana mentioned that she wish she could bike ride sometimes.  I had been waiting 25 or 26 years to hear that but could never on my own justify spending the money.  What a waist of time.  Yes, I know I said waist.  I’m not stupid and meant exactly that.  We could have been burning pounds around the middle all of that time.  And by the way, it was also a waste of time.  So within two weeks we had two spiffy more-than-I-meant-to-spend-on Treks.  So before our journey we had made a number of outings and built up our feeble miles a bit and learning to control our balance on mostly paved or very smooth greenways and such. As I have previously mentioned, for both of you following this thing, we brought the bikes on the trip and have had several really good rides.  But as so often is the case, I may have over reached on our last ride.  Just a bit.  No injuries but frayed nerves.

We had left the Okanagan region for Kaslo in British Columbia.  We had seen many creatures such as rabbits and squirrels.  Oh, I know that doesn’t seem like much but deer were far less rare.  We’ve seen a couple of bears on the trip as well.  These weren’ t the Jellystone type that are mostly tame and come to your car hoping for Hostess Cupcakes, which I would never give up even if the bear had its teeth wrapped around my skull.  I might share some if he asked nice.  But not the filling.  We never did, to our disappointment, see a moose, Nana’s favorite, I think.  We did see beaver, eagles and lots of other creatures.  Had we come upon a grizzly, which frequented the areas around Kaslo, I reassured Nana that after I out ran her I would be sure to get help back as soon as possible.  She said that wouldn’t be a problem after she threw some ground meat on me, maybe a little bacon, and just sat there until the bear moved on.  Neither thought these were very good ideas.  As scary as this would have been, nothing was scarier than our ride on the Galena.  (insert Kettle Drum rumblings here).  The Galena Trail is a trail just outside of New Denver, British Columbia, along one of the many linear lakes that can be 100 miles long but only a few miles across or less.  Absolutely stunning country.

Now for younger or more experienced riders this might not have been a big deal but we were Nana’s and Papa’s.  I think it was on Monday, Monday, or was I just California Dreaming?  Whoops! Wrong Papas!  Anyway, this is not a very long trail as some go but it was no greenway.   Basically, we were doing single track much of the time.

Start of the Galena. Happy in our ignorance.

The beginning of the trail is flat but only about 5 inches wide, just have to work on balance, which neither one of us have in spades by any means.  So on we go.  Soon we can hear the roar of the river to our right.  Well, not exactly, you also have to look down about 700 feet and to the right.  The trail is on the edge of the drop.  Again, no big deal if you are confident.  I wasn’t too bad but Nana was really confidant.  Confidant that she would soon be dead.

Nana contemplates the afterlife. Not the narrowest point on the trail with cliffs.


Not all of the trail was this way.  Some was worse.  There were some very narrow up and down hills with curves and no run-outs if your brakes were wet and it was slow to stop.  This whole region had been flooded so there was much aqua on the trail.  This equals wet brakes.  So there were times it was prudent to walk it.

Sections of trail not Nana and Papa proofed.


With long drops, sometimes better to walk if not confident as newbies.

Not all was terror, however.  It was a beautiful trail.  A fine place to die if there ever was one.  Unfortunately, no one might actually ever find our bodies.  But there were some fantastic scenes along the way.

The river far below.

Waterfall along the way to the moment of terror.


Little did we know that these moments of beauty and joy, coming like a roller coaster, alternating with mild to extreme discomfort and wondering if the insurance was paid up, were mere distractions as were the most peaceful times along the trail.

Nana, go!


And then we arrived.  Finally, we approached the river itself, having risen up through countless cataracts and waterfalls to our level.  But were was the trail?  No, not to the left.  Only forest and briars.  Not to the right!  Rocks and more trees screened the view to the river crushing around the bend, swollen and roiling like water boiling on the stove.  And what was this contraption ahead?  Well, it was the way across.  The only way.  One needed to load the bike, unhook and pull yourself and the bike across the river, dangling just feet above the maelstrom.  And it was so.

Now for me, it was like being 10 again.  For Nana it was like all of her kidney stones and childbirths rolled together with every scary movie she had ever seen.  But she was brave.  And she did the deed.  Our version of Amazing Race.

Mounted and ready to unhook.


Papa having a blast!




That is not joy on Nana’s face. But she is brave!


Nana’s fear overcome. This because she is thinking how many pieces she needs to chop Papa into so that no one will find the evidence of the deed she contemplates.


And so we completed our journey with no significant injuries.  Though many were considered both accidental and purposeful.  Nana is braver and Papa is wiser.



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Our Babies   Leave a comment

Papa: Recently we adopted.  It was fairly expensive but at our age you have to pay what they want and get what they have.  It was Nana’s idea, though it had been lurking in the back of mine for quite some time.  Once she brought it up I just couldn’t say no.  I pretended to resist.  “Don’t you think we’re getting too old for this!”  “No!” she said, “It’s not like we have to take care of them during the night.  We’ll just stick em in the garage and check them in the morning.”  “OOOOOK!” said I. “What about travel?” “We can hook them on the back of the car, strap them really tight and off we go!”  We were asked if color mattered.  ‘Course not.  So one is red and the other is, well, I don’t know that color exactly, kinda violet or something.  Maybe you can help from the baby pictures.  It felt a little odd sitting on them but how else are you going to get them to go!! Not surprisingly they behave much better with chains.  To get them to stop what they are doing you just squeeze real hard.

We’ve gone all over with them.  We are certainly not experts.  Don’t want to go too far or the whining will start and just not end!  And that is Nana!  So we have to limit ourselves.  Now on our little journey beginning really soon…Look to the left!  Not long now!…we have some big plans for them.  Roads, and trails and hanging on the back for thousands of miles.  I think they will do just fine!  Not much use if you can’t ride them hard.

I’ve been trying to take some wildlife photos around the house so I could pretend to have taken the pictures down the road, where in spite of often being surrounded by wilderness we will probably see nothing that hasn’t been run over a dozen times.  I fixed up the neighbors’ dog to look like a moose, blurred the picture, and voila! But I need more to fill up the photo book.  We have a tiny, itsy pond in the front and there is a really big frog that lives there joyously eating anything that comes flying by in the night, attracted by the street lamp.  I think he has a mate because there are times when I think I hear two splashes after a lot of noise making.  He hears really well and I will notice him diving from quite a distance from me reacting to the sound of my approach.  So I took the tripod, set up my camera and attached my new remote shutter, aimed it at his favorite rock or at least the one he has stained with what I assume to be frog tutu.  Now he is there regularly, everyday.  So two hours go by, batteries run down and all I can see are two bitsy eyes sticking out of the water.  I swear, I saw bubbles around his head where he had to be laughing at me.  No fooling this one.  What you don’t know, my little slimy friend, I grew up in Louisiana and I know how to use a gig, and while not a Cajun, I will eat about anything and that includes Kermit.  At least I will spare him the indignity of having his innards laughed over by middle schoolers in the science lab,or forced to ridiculously twitch his legs while being electrocuted.  Just a quick hot oil bath and its over!  Mmmmm.

Bicylcle Collage 1

Our adopted young’uns! That pink (?) one looks just like her Nana!

Bicycle Coillage 2

Our new babies! Aren’t they cute. Just check out those sprockets!

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